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If you're really serious to enlarge your penis and money isn't an issue, a good quality penis traction device is by far your best option.  With penis enlargement devices, what you really need to look for is the quality of the device itself and its components.  Let's face it, medical penis devices don't come cheap, so you want to buy a quality product that will last and that will be able to accommodate your penis gains once you start seeing penis increases. 

Overall, penis enlargement device systems will give you better and faster results than any other product on its own.  The ProExtender penis enlargement device system combines four penis proven enhancement methods into one at a much discounted price.  In the long run, it's much cheaper to buy a penis enlargement device system than it is to buy just pills or patches.  Because for optimum results it is suggested to take penis pills for at least six months, the penis device has now become cheaper and a good one will last you a lifetime.

SizeGenetics has recently changed their program to include a FULL membership to Penis Health, the most recognized and trusted penis enlargement exercise site online.  All pills have been removed from the program.

We have found only two companies that really stand out from the rest.  They provide a complete, successful and effective penis enlargement system along with a premium medical penis device.  You have the option to buy the whole system for faster and bigger gains or buy the penis device only.  ProExtender and SizeGenetics provide high quality products, excellent customer support, and many added bonuses that others don't offer to help you achieve your penis enlargement goals faster and more easily at an affordable price.



ProExtender Device System


The ProExtender system is recommended by doctors in more than 20 countries and used in 60 public hospitals and private clinics in Europe alone. 

The ProExtender system includes:

  1. A high quality medical penis device designed to provide gentle, non-harmful and painless traction to the penis.
  2. A full month's supply of VigRX penis enhancement pills.
  3. A full month's supply of Semenax, a powerful semen enhancer.
  4. "For men only" a CD that explains and illustrates step by step exercises to help speed up your gains as well as instructions on many other ways to improve your penis size and overall sexual health.

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Try the product for 6 months and if for any reason you are not completely satisfied simply return the device, all empty bottles, and the enhancement guide CD within 187 days of receiving your order (6 month trial + one week return shipping), and you will be refunded 100% of the product purchase price, excluding shipping & handling.

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Second Choice

Size Genetics Device System



The SizeGenetics device has been studied and tested to ensure consumers of its safety and effectiveness.



The Size Genetics system includes:

  • premium penis enlargement device for painless stretching of the penis and comfortable to wear under clothing

  • FULL membership to the Penis Health website - includes free penis exercises, members forum, and so much more!

  • extra parts and hardware for the device

SizeGenetics is approved and recommended by leading medical doctors. The device, all the pills and exercises are safe and tested by male patients with massive results.

What SizeGenetics will do for you

 Permanent penis enlargement - length and girth!
Increased semen production
Bigger penis head
Rock hard erections
End to premature ejaculation
Cure & prevent impotence
Longer more intense orgasms
Male multiples orgasms
Increased sexual stamina
Curvate straightening
More confidence & better sex





Ironclad 100% money back guarantee - NO QUESTIONS ASKED. The only requirement is that you give the system a fair chance, if you try the product for 2 months and if after this time you are not completely happy you have a FULL SIX MONTHS to request a refund. 


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Which one is better?

Both SizeGenetics and ProExtender are very good options for penis traction devices.  What differs is what comes with the respective systems.  It all depends on what YOU are looking for and your own personal needs and preferences.

BEST VALUE:  ProExtender

In our opinion,  the ProExtender system is a better value - you get more for your money: 

ProExtender is the best product for you if you want all the perks that the bonus pills will give you and if you devote the time to wear the device and follow the program on your own, without "live" support or encouragement from other men.   You can also order the penis enlargement device alone without the pills.  The medical device alone or the full penis enlargement program both give you a super money back guarantee, secure online ordering and you privacy is important.  You will not be spammed, and your credit card will never be charged for products you didn't order.  This company has an excellent reputation.



The biggest appeal to SizeGenetics is that it comes with a full membership to the well known Penis Health penis enlargement exercise website.  This is an exclusive bonus for members only.  Penis Health offers detailed and very well explained penis enlargement exercises with step-by-step illustrations and videos from beginner to advanced.  The members area is very well organized and easy to follow.  It also has a members forum where you can interact with other members, read what others say about the products, full sections on men's health, articles, advice on relationships, etc.  You can also join Penis Health as a stand alone penis enlargement program for a one time only fee that gives you lifetime membership to the online site.  You have the option of getting access to the website only, or access to the website AND a CD for more convenience.

SizeGenetics is for you if you want to participate in discussions, need more support, advice and encouragement, and interested in more than just penis enlargement - such as relationships or general men's health.  The device comes with extra parts, should you ever need them for any reason.  They offer a good money back guarantee and your privacy will always be respected.  You can order the device alone without the membership to Penis Health on the order page of the site.

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